Floyd County escapee arrested in Lexington

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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) – Police have said they arrested Floyd County escapee, David Slone, in Lexington around 8 o’clock Saturday morning.

For many in Prestonsburg, Friday night was spent worrying.

“I live in town, probably about three blocks from the jail and I have a hill behind me so I was very concerned,” said local resident, Vicki Pack.

David Slone, an escapee from the Floyd County courthouse, was on the loose.

He was there on rape charges, and for many that alone is enough to be concerned.

“As a woman, to know that someone did this to another woman, it does scare you, said Pack.

However, police say Slone was arrested at a Lexington gas station Saturday morning around 8 o'clock., where he was driving a stolen car.

With the news of his arrest, came a sigh of relief for some, but not for everyone.

Even though the jail is just feet away from many homes in downtown Prestonsburg, some said they were not worried about it and that it might be one of the safer places in town.

“This is a well lighted area. The Floyd County Emergency Rescue Squad is right beside my house. People are in and out of there all the time,” said nearby resident, Fred James.

A theory that proved to be correct in this case, but others are still glad to know.

“I haven't been on Facebook today, so I didn't know he was captured, so now I can say I know he was captured,” said Pack.

Information that she says she’s glad to have, even if it's just for a little peace of mind.

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