Floyd Co. family says stalker is taking over their lives

DAVID, Ky. (WYMT) - From lewd letters to sexual photographs, a Floyd County couple says a stalker is taking over their lives.

The family with two young daughters feel trapped in their own home.

The wife even cut off her hair in hopes the mind games would end, but so far, nothing seems to help.

They say the bizarre events began in December.

"I was folding laundry in my bedroom when I saw a man out my window committing a lewd act."

Hoping it was a one time occurrence, they tried to move on, but it was just the beginning.

"At some point in time, he got into our house and stole some of my underwear."

They later found the underwear ripped and scattered around their home, then around Christmas they found a red envelope on their kitchen window.

"The front of it was something along the lines of the shepherd watches his flock, while they sleep, and the inside was just complete filth."

They say also in the letter the man claims to have kidnapped and murdered, Joyce Crider, who has been missing from Lexington since 2002.

"Ever since first contact in December every act seems to be more violent in nature."

Hoping to get a glimpse of the man, they left a note for him.

"Instead of taking the note he left a lock of hair where my husband had placed the note."

The family says they have even shot at the man when they say he got extremely close to the home one night, they aren't sure if he was wounded or not...but did stop for a little while.

After not hearing or seeing anything for a couple of weeks, the family thought their nightmare was over, but on Valentine's Day they received another note in their mailbox and even more graphic threats.

On Friday, another obscure note was received...as the family's nightmare inside their own home continues.

This is happening in the David Community. The family has only lived in this home since September. They believe the man is around so much, their dogs have become used to him and say he may even be feeding them so they do not bark when he is around.

The family says they have changed locks, changed their security system, and put in surveillance cameras.

The victim did get a close look at the man's face and says he is white with short, dark, curly hair, has a black mustache, about five foot eight inches tall, with a medium build, and is in his 40s.

She says he usually wears a camouflage jacket/vest and jeans, but has also seen him in camouflage pants.

Anyone with information should call the State Police Post in Pikeville at (606)433-7711.

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