Former EKU baseball player dies from injuries suffered in a fight

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Family members say their lives aren't the same without him. They’re remembering a former Eastern Kentucky University baseball player who police say died from injuries he suffered in a fight.

Police in Charleston, South Carolina say Clint Seymour’s head hit the ground during that fight.

But Seymour’s father says, even in death, his son is helping others.

As Don Seymour reminisces on the life of his son, he can't help but be proud of what Clint accomplished in his 27 years.

The former EKU baseball player recently moved to Charleston where he was training to be a financial advisor but last week, “What happened to him was an unspeakable tragedy. They say losing a child is the worst nightmare a parent could ever have---and it is,” said Don Seymour.

This nightmare sadly became Don Seymour’s reality after learning that Clint died from head injuries after police say he was “sucker-punched” outside a bar in downtown Charleston.

Witnesses say 26-year-old Peter Dudinyak is responsible.

“I can’t change what happened so I start to think about what good that can possibly come out of it. One good thing is the fact that he is an organ donor,” Don Seymour explained.

So far, he says his son has helped 8 people who were in need of an organ.

Despite his son's passing, Don Seymour says his job as a dad isn't over. He’ll be there when ever he's needed --- just like old times.

“Whoever is accused and whenever that person is in court, Clint is going to be there because I’m going to be there.”

Clint Seymour’s funeral was held last week in Charleston.

Authorities say Peter Dudinyak, who was pointed out by witnesses as throwing the punch, is facing charges of first degree assault and battery and simple assault.

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