Former Garrard County official involved in another crash

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Pieces of plastic, metal, and glass cover the ground beside US 27 near the Lincoln- Garrard County line.

It’s part of what’s left of DeWayne Nave’s truck, that Donavan Dunson saw burning when he was coming home early Saturday morning.

“As I got closer I saw it was actually a fire. As then I saw it was somebody’s truck,” said Dunson, who was headed to his home in Casey County when he came upon the burning wreckage.

Police suspect DeWayne Nave fell asleep at the wheel and ran off north US 27, and hit a tree. In 911 dispatch tapes,Dunson and Anthony Jones are heard trying to get Nave help.

Dispatcher: What’s going on?
Caller: Got a guy trapped….In a car.
Dispatcher: Is he trapped?
Caller: Yes, he is trapped.
Dispatcher: And it is on fire?
Caller: On fire!

“And we tried to pry his leg up. We tried everything to try to pull the man out,” said Dunson.

But more help arrived. Jones, a deputy sheriff and Dunson then pulled Nave to safety.

“As soon as we got him turned over, took my shirt off, put it underneath his head, wrapped the cut on his face. We probably had him out of the truck a minute and a half and it exploded,” said Jones.

Dunson and Jones say the truck was fully engulfed but Nave was able to talk during the rescue.

“He was screaming for his life, get me out of the vehicle, save me the truck’s on fire,” said Dunson.

Jones says Nave has worked numerous odd jobs since his release from prison two years ago. He served a five year sentence on reckless homicide charges, and friends say since then he’s worked tirelessly to give his life a fresh start. Jones and Dunson believe they almost saw that life.. come to an end.

“Honestly I thought I was going to see a man die. Right in front of me. I mean, because I couldn’t get his leg unstuck. Trying everything I could,” said Dunson.

Nave was taken to Fort Logan Hospital…then airlifted to UK where we are told he’s being treated for broken bones in both legs and numerous cuts.

The Lincoln County sheriff says the accident remains under investigation and toxicology tests will be subpoenaed as part of that investigation.

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