Former Ky. Sec. of State riding out Boston manhunt

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BOSTON, Ma. (WKYT) - Trey Grayson served as Kentucky Secretary of State from 2004 to 2011. Since then, he's moved to the Boston area, working as the director of Harvard University's Institute of Politics. He'd heard about a shooting at nearby MIT last night, but went to bed not thinking a lot of it. That was, until a reverse 911 call from police woke him at 6:30 this morning, telling him and his family to stay inside.

"I grabbed my phone and saw that I had a ton of messages from Harvard telling us that the school was closed until further notice and then just started reading Twitter and jumped on TV and kind of caught all up. It was um....quite a way to wake up," said Grayson.

Grayson couldn't hear any of the commotion from his home, but was keeping a close eye on what was happening online.

"It's very unreal. There was a video a guy shot from his front porch in Watertown and you hear the gunfire in the background and it's a firefight. It sounds like a battle scene," he said.

All day, Grayson and his wife have stayed in their house with their two young daughters, trying to keep them informed about what's happening, but trying not focus on it.

"They could tell from talking to us that we're not worried, which helped them to not worry," he said.

They'll stay where they are, hoping the manhunt comes to an end soon.

"I think given what happened on Monday, we're ready and able to accept all of this right now. We're rooting for the police and the FBI and everybody and hoping they stay safe and get this guy," said Grayson.

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