Classmates of Lexington murder victim set up reward in case

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NICHOLAS COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Friends and classmates came up with a way to honor and hopefully help the family of a man police say was murdered.

Lexington police say 49-year-old Joe Randolph died after being shot Saturday night at his home on Simpson Avenue in Lexington.

It's Lexington's first and only murder of 2013.

They'll be celebrating their 30-year class reunion in August, but one will be missing.

"This reminds us that we do need to do more things together," said Toni Spivey, the president of the class of '83 at Nicholas County High School.

"We've not had to go through a tragedy like this. We've lost lots of people but not to a tragedy that's so unanswered and so evil," said Pam King, a friend of the victim.

Photos and memories in their yearbooks of Joe Randolph are what the Nicholas County High School Class of '83 are leaning on to keep him alive.

"Nobody can ever take all the memories that we all have even by removing him from us. They'll never take away all of the things that we remember," said King.

They didn't hang out in the same groups in high school, but they now consider themselves a group. A group fighting for justice for one of their former classmates.

"We all have hearts, but we all have one big heart as far as being together, and it feels like somebody actually took part of us when they took him," said King.

The alums say the most they can give is help in finding who is responsible for murdering one of their own.

"We just want to give the family some comfort and some peace in all of this and just some closure," said Spivey.

They set up a fund for a reward for information leading to an arrest.

"We just want to know. We want to know why. And we want to see that justice comes," said King.

The reward fund is set up under Joe Randolph Memorial at any Whitaker Bank. As of Thursday evening, the account had 200 dollars.

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