Former court clerk sentenced for abusing public's trust

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A former Owsley County Court Clerk was sentenced to five years of probation after prosecutors say he abused the public's trust.

Sid Gabbard was arrested earlier this year. That's after the state auditor's office found a $132,000 deficit, while reviewing the 2011 finances of the Owsley County Clerk's office. Gabbard resigned from the office earlier this year after pleading guilty to tax evasion.

That deal required him to pay more than $61,000 in restitution. Prosecutors say in addition to abusing the public's trust, Gabbard also failed to file personal tax returns.

Prosecutors say their pleased with the outcome of his sentence.

"He came in, he plead guilty and acknowledged responsibility for what he did," says Larry Cleveland, Commonwealth Attorney. "We've convicted him of two felonies, collected $61,000 and removed him from office. So that's a good day."

As a part of Gabbard's sentence, the judge ordered that he can never hold another public office.

A judge also ordered Gabbard to serve 100 hours of community service and pay court fees.

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