Four county burglary ring broken up

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - For weeks now, things are starting to quiet across four Central Kentucky counties, and Clark County Sheriff Berl Perdue points to the recent arrests of several suspects in a burglary ring as the reason.

"It's made a hundred percent impact. We've had very little go on on that end of the county," answered the Sheriff.

For a while Sheriff Perdue said the burglary ring was running rampant, breaking into homes in Estill, Montgomery, Clark and Powell Counties.

"At one time, we didn't have a whole lot of leads, but then it all came together," said Sheriff Perdue.

Finally, a break came for investigators when Otis Dunaway was arrested in Clay City. Police say he and Tim Profitt, along with Amanda Tharpe broke into a home there, and were found just a short distance away with some of the stolen items. Powell County deputies say Clyde Dunn, Jr. was also arrested in connection with the string of crimes.

From there, the cases began to stack up against the ring, and most of them appear to be in Sheriff Perdue's county.

"At this time we can connect them to ten burglaries here," he said.

"I'm glad that they finally caught them, but I know that's probably just the first couple out of a probably pretty long string," Tim Toews, who lives in Clark County, is right.

"There's probably seven people involved, maybe eight, (and) we expect to make more arrests on this," explained the Sheriff.

Since these ring leaders' arrests, Sheriff Perdue said his investigators have recovered 44 stolen guns, as well as several thousand dollars in jewelry, guitars, and Tvs. They say they were all recovered in three counties.

"It raises your awareness up around you, but since they're handling it pretty good, it lets me know I'm in a safe neighborhood," boasted Roylondus Mayes, who also lives in Clark County.

Investigators aren't done either, as cases are still being worked across the four counties. Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge said his deputies have one case already against these suspects. In Powell County, deputies suspect the ring to be behind two or three burglaries, and all of the investigators say more charges could be added.

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