Drug investigator called to scene of Winchester fire

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - A family is safe after fire broke out at their rental home early Wednesday morning. Officials say smoke detectors and a fire plan helped them to escape.

"It was the pop first," says Kelly Taylor, a woman who was renting the home and inside when fire broke out. "Then when everything went up, it was just chaos."

The fire broke out at a home on Irvine Road near Winchester just before 5:00 Wednesday morning. A woman renting the home says she heard a loud bang and shortly after heard the smoke detectors go off.

When crews got on scene, flames and smoke were coming out of the upstairs bedroom window. Four people were inside sleeping when the fire started, including a four-year-old child. All of them were able to get out safely.

Once the sun rose, investigators spent hours trying to figure out what caused the fire. Officials determined a space heater was to blame. But a state police narcotics officer was also called in to investigate, because of what fire officials say they found at the scene.

"Once the fire was knocked down we started an overhaul to check for fire extension," says Battalion Chief Ben Wright, Clark County Fire Department. "We noticed there were some components to make meth in the residence, actually in the room itself. So we called in resources from the state police to come in an start their investigation."

Investigators say no arrests have been made because evidence of hydro-chloride remnants was lost in the fire.

The owners of the property say the family who was renting will not be allowed back into the home.

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