Frankfort burglary suspect caught on tape

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Police need your help in finding a man who broke into two stores, one of which he stole scissors from along with several other items.

It happened in a Frankfort shopping center on Wednesday overnight.

Two businesses were broken into the same night. With the suspect caught on a surveillance store camera, police hope that you can help them find their suspect.

An alarm sent Frankfort police to The Gettin' Place, and that's when they realized the Plaza Barber Shop had been hit as well, both on Louisville Road.

The surveillance video even shows the man kicking in a store glass window to get into one of the businesses.

"He's outside beforehand and then it does show him inside the premises," said Major Fred Deaton, with the Frankfort Police Department.

For the local barber shop, it left them clipped of everything they need on a daily basis.

"Clippers, our blades, scissors! They took everything. All three of us came in, and we didn't have any equipment to work with," said Paul Goodlett, a barber at the Plaza Barber Shop.

With clippers costing nearly 200 dollars and blades around 30 dollars each, the burglary made a big cut to their wallets.

"We've replaced everything," said Goodlett. "We're still short a couple of things."

For a popular place with regulars, they had no choice then to continue snipping away.

In all, from both stores, 2,700 dollars worth of merchandise was stolen and that includes three television sets.

If you have any information in this case, you are asked to call Frankfort Crime Stoppers at (502) 875-8648 and make an anonymous tip. Information leading to an arrest could be rewarded up to 1,000 dollars.

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