Frankfort father leaves children behind in attempted escape

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Timothy Delbridge is accused of shoplifting a fountain drink from a Frankfort gas station, when he tried to escape, he left his children behind.

The incident occurred at the Speedway station on U.S. 127 and Louisville Road, on July 29.

Frankfort Police say Delbridge and his two, grade-school aged children were drinking fountain drinks before they were paid for.

"When confronted that he would have to pay for that. He ran out of the door and left the two children standing in the store," said Captain Rob Warfel, Frankfort Police.

Warfel says Delbridge told his kids to follow him.

"According to the officers on the scene, the kids were very upset," Warfel said.

A gas station clerk followed Delbridge outside.

The chase didn't last long, because workers at the nearby Kentucky Car Wash stopped him, and held him in their break room until police arrived.

"Getting involved is a great thing. You just have to be very cautious about that," explained Warfel.

Delbridge was taken to the Franklin County Regional Jail. He's charged with shoplifting and two counts of unlawful transaction with a minor.

Delbridge pleaded not guilty to his charges.

He's in court again on Aug 5.

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