Bed bugs infest Frankfort home, sicken woman

FRANKFORT, KY (WKYT) - It's the kind of thing nobody ever wants to see...but experts say it's something we all should be able to recognize.

"This is what you want to look for on mattresses and box springs," said UK professor Dr. Michael Potter, pointing to black specks found inside a couch taken from a home on Sunset Dr. in Frankfort.

Inside that of the worst bed bug infestations experts say they have ever seen.

"I think it shows quite graphically how severe infestations can be if they are allowed to grow," said Dr. Potter.

The scary and troubling reality is that most homeowners like Caleb Goins don't know how they got the bed bugs.

"They're driving me crazy. I haven't been in my bedroom in over a year," Goins said.

His wife is now in a nursing home.

"They just bit her, swelled her legs up. They snacked on her," said Goins.

OPC pest control plans to use a heat treatment to solve the problem.

"It's challenging. I think we'll have success but it's not a one time treatment. It is a process," said OPC Service Manager Travis Hardin.

Experts advise against picking up curbside furniture that someone could be throwing away and check mattresses for black specks in hotel rooms.

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