Frankfort caregiver accused of stealing handicapped patient's identity

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FRANKFORT, Ky (WKYT)- John Lowrey says he spends nearly every waking moment caring for his physically and mentally handicapped son.

He says it's an around the clock job, so a year ago, he hired 33-year-old Joshua Baxter, a certified nurse assistant, to help him.

Lowrey says his trust in Baxter was destroyed when he was arrested Friday and charged with stealing his son's identity.

"I absolutely feel betrayed. I felt as though I treated him well as an employee. I entrusted him with the care and well-being of my son," said Lowrey.

Police believe Baxter took Lowrey's son's date of birth and social security number and then applied for a credit card.

Police tell us over the past year Baxter also stole personal information from four other people. We're told some of them were other caregivers who worked for Lowrey or applied to work for him.

The Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney says they traced the alleged identity thefts back to Baxter because they say he used his old addresses and phone numbers when applying for the credit cards.

Police tell us before they caught Baxter he spent about $500 with the credit cards.

WKYT’s Mark Barber said, "I can see your emotions coming across. Your lips are trembling and your eyes are welling up with tears. How hard has this been for you?” Lowrey said, “It's been a nightmare.”

He says it's hard, but he's doing his best to move past the hurt left by the man who he believes preyed on his vulnerable son.

Baxter is charged with five counts of identity theft and five counts of being a persistent felony offender.

Lowrey says he needs to hire another caregiver. He says interested candidates may call him at (502) 223 – 0256.

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