Frankfort man arrested after driving the wrong way on I-64

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. - He didn't cause an accident, but he very well could have. State police tell us one driver was traveling the wrong way on the interstate.

A man who drove seven miles the wrong way along I-64 on Thursday morning has been identified by officials and arrested on numerous charges.

Multiple charges were filed against 32-year-old Danny Hollingsworth of Frankfort. The charges include reckless driving, first degree wanton endangerment, possession of an open alcohol container, and driving under the influence second offense.

A complaint is what led state police to this wrong-way driver on the interstate just after midnight.

The chase began near mile marker 65, close to the Midway exit, where Hollingsworth was reportedly driving westbound in the eastbound lane.

A trooper caught up with the misdirected SUV and forced the driver to a stop using a vehicular tactic that included slowing down until the SUV encountered the trooper's back bumper. The chase finally ended then in Franklin County.

We caught up with a truck driver along I-64, and he says he just wishes all drunk drivers were off the roads.

"We travel a lot with our job, and we've seen cars swerving and sometimes we've even called 911 and reported it," said Scott Foster, who is a truck driver from Morehead.

Hollingsworth is currently held in the Franklin County Regional Jail on a 25,000 dollar full cash bond. He appeared in court via video for an arraignment Thursday afternoon.

Hollingworth's arrest citation shows he declined a blood test. Police also noted on that citation that they suspected he was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.

Also, we are learning that this isn't Hollingsworth's first DUI arrest. He was also arrested and charged with driving under the influence back in 2009. His record also shows several speeding tickets.

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