Frankfort woman aims to please with 'cupcake truck'

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - In a transformed garage, in the Frankfort suburbs, Rhonda Stevens is hard at work. She often starts baking at 3:00 in the morning.

"It's just fun doing them and being creative with them," she said as she put the finishing touches on a cookie.

With every stroke of her icing filled pen, photos of Rhonda's grandmother Margaret Douglas watch closely from nearby.

"Pretty much taught me everything I know. She would come and sit in a chair and teach me how to make different icings," she said.

Her grandmother was her inspiration.

"It just makes me happy when I see her stuff here. It's all good. She's here with me. Stays on my shelf," said Rhonda, holding an old jar containing a dusting of her grandmother's sugar.

When money got tight, this manicurist turned her passion for baking into her livelihood.

"It just kind of slowed down with the economy and different things so I had to pick up somewhere else," she said.

Granny Douglas probably couldn't have envisioned where baking would take Rhonda.

"When you see the van, it's like, it's happy!" said Rhonda as she loaded trays of cupcakes into her custom-decorated van.

Rhonda says her business, Red Head Custom Cakes, has the state's first on-demand cupcake delivery service.

"I was out to my parents' having dinner and I was like, 'Hey that van just sits there, can I turn it into the cupcake business?'," she said as she drove to her first stop. "Everybody in my family has thought I was crazy, but now they don't think I'm too crazy!"

As customers start coming out of the office building to buy Rhonda's treats, it becomes pretty apparent that one part Granny Douglas recipes, and one part Rhonda's resourcefulness, equals two parts success.

"When we first started coming out, we had two trays in here full of cupcakes and I was excited when we sold those two trays. This whole week, we've kept two hundred cupcakes on here a day," Rhonda said.

Having only been making regular stops around the Capital City for a little over a month, the friendly redhead with the tasty treats has already gained a major following.

"People come out and just really makes you think this wasn't a dumb idea after all," she said.

Rhonda hopes those traditions from generations ago will help propel her budding business far into the future.

A taste from grandma's kitchen right to the front door of your office.

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