Franklin Co. Court cleaning man arrested on drug charges

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An ongoing drug investigation in Franklin County has led to a courthouse cleaning man being arrested.

The Franklin County Sheriff says Larry "Webo" Jones now faces drug charges. This stems from a list of police officers and cruiser numbers investigators say another drug suspect had earlier this year.

The investigation started with the arrest of Patrick Stipes back in April, when deputies say they found Stipes in possession of papers that included personal information on Frankfort police officers.

Sheriff Pat Melton says Stipes told him he got those papers from a deputy court clerk who is now on suspension. Earlier this month, deputies searched the clerk's home and car. The sheriff says they found some marijuana, as well as a history of text messages between the clerk and Larry "Webo" Jones, a convicted felon. Jones, Sheriff Melton says, was working at the time for a cleaning company that cleaned the judicial center.

"Larry "Webo" Jones, he was living with the female that has the contract to clean the judicial center and thus he was employed and had access to the judicial center itself and all the offices and suites in the judicial center," explained Sheriff Melton. "We would anticipate a lot more work to go based on the information that we're getting and that we have. I think they'll be more to come as a result of this investigation."

Sheriff Melton has had help with the investigation from the Attorney General's Office. He says he is also working closely with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office.

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