Franklin Co. Sheriff plans to flood Facebook with weather updates

FRANKLIN COUNTY (WKYT) - The Franklin County Sheriff says he plans to flood his department's Facebook page Tuesday night with weather information, in part because the outdoor warning sirens are still down.

Emergency management took the county's 22 sirens off-line last week after two malfunctioned and went off multiple times.

The Sheriff's office explained on their Facebook Tuesday, "because of that we temporarily took the Outdoor Warning Siren System off line to ensure that no more false activations would occur causing undo panic to the public."

Officials say these types of occurrences are rare. The warning sirens, which date back 50 years, aren't scheduled to be fixed until next week.

The Sheriff's office also took the time to stress the importance of outdoor warning systems, along with some common misconceptions about the sirens.

"I'm concerned that the focus on these 'tornado sirens', more appropriately called Outdoor Warning Systems lead many people to reach incorrect assumptions about their capabilities, effectiveness, and their role in warning the public," they write.

The post on their Facebook page goes on to state several examples of the proper use for Outdoor Warning Systems and how the public should respond to those warnings. You can read about it on their page, by clicking the link below.

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