Franklin County woman seriously injured in dog attack in her front yard

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Franklin County sheriff says it's the worst dog attack he's seen in his county. A woman is still recovering after she was violently attacked by a pack of dogs.

Franklin County deputies say Saturday night Heather Moore was in her yard on Flat Creek Road when four dogs attacked her. People nearby ran for help, and some could now be facing charges.

"Those dogs have been a problem, and they've been reported as a problem," said Greg McCoy, the victim's boyfriend.

But on Saturday night, the dogs living across the street from Greg McCoy and his girlfriend, Heather Moore, became more than a problem. They were a danger with McCoy saying it was a life or death moment for Moore.

"Multiple bites on her hands, feet, and just a really bad laceration to the back of her head and scalp," said McCoy.

With part of her scalp detached, Moore was lifeless in her front yard.

"It's sad to see this happen," said Sheriff Pat Melton. "She was walking across her front yard, and all of a sudden, these three pit bulls and a large white German Shepherd viscously attacked her."

That passerby reportedly came to her aid, risking his well-being when the dogs chased after him on his way to get help.

"She was hurt, and she was crying," said McCoy. "I just picked her up and comforted her and removed her from the scene as quickly as I could."

So what about the owner of these dogs? He's in prison for prior unrelated charges. And the dogs' temporary caregiver has been cited for the dogs not having rabies vaccinations. The sheriff says he'll be talking with the county attorney on Monday about more charges.

"Our ordinance states that you've got to maintain control of those animals at all times," said Sheriff Melton. "And obviously these animals were not under control."

But right now, family and friends are focusing on Moore and her recovery.

"I hope that Heather can heal up," said McCoy. "I hope she comes out healthy."

Animal control officers caught three of the dogs Saturday night, putting them in the Franklin County Humane Society. Officials still aren't sure if there's a fourth dog.

- - -UPDATE- - -
The Franklin County Sheriff says charges have been filed and summons have been issued for Gil Abrams. Abrams is not the dog's owner, but was taking care of the dogs during the attack.

The Sheriff says that after reviewing the case, the County Attorney has decided to charge Abrams with 3 counts of dogs running at large and 3 counts of harboring a vicious animal.

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