Free basketball clinic in the East End to stop violence

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After a string of shootings in Lexington this summer, one man decided he needed to do something to encourage peace. So he's focusing his effort on children in the East End neighborhood.

On Wednesday evening, the Dunbar Community Center held much more than a basketball clinic.

"It teaches you more than basketball," said Jason Moseley, the organizer of this basketball clinic. "It teaches you life skills."

It's more like a movement to get young people off the streets and on the court, getting them in to basketball and out of trouble.

"If you get the kids off the streets and get them in something like this, something positive," said Gary Holman, a parent of kids at the clinic. "It'll definitely change their outlook on life."

"When you don't have much to do out here, there's a lot to get into," said Fredericka Buchanan, another parent at the clinic.

Jason Moseley has a history in Lexington. He was once a basketball coach at Dunbar High School and is now involved with NXTLVL Basketball Training Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's here now because of the recent violence in the East End of Lexington.

"All of these shootings that have been going on and robberies in Lexington lately, I thought it was time that somebody do something positive," said Moseley.

Moseley organized this clinic within days and is back for one night to teach one thing.

"That you don't have to rob and shot people to be cool," said Moseley. "It's cool to go to school. It's cool to do the right thing. It's cool to be your own person."

They're working on their skills both on the court and off the court and also get free T-shirts, school supplies, backpacks, and dinner.

Moseley hopes it's a good way to kick-off an even better school year for these kids with the NXTLVL Back to School Clinic.

"Basketball was such a big part of my life," said Moseley. "And it made me learn a lot of lessons."

"It's good for them, it's teaching them, and it's helping them learn that it's not always about being in the streets," said Buchanan.

The coaches at the clinic volunteered, and the items given to the kids were donated by various places in the community, like Oneness Shoe Boutique, Frank Shoop Chevy, and Waste Services of the Bluegrass.

The one-time clinic was completely free for those kids.

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