Friend: deadly shooting of Frankfort man an accident

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - WKYT is learning more about a shooting that killed a Frankfort man. Police have charged his 17 year old friend with murder.

Police say Dillon Walker, 18, died over the weekend, after being shot at a Louisville home. Another friend, also at the home that night, claims what happened was just an accident.

"It was an accident. I truly believe it was just an accident," Joseph Mohr, the victim's friend, says.

The 17 year old accused of pulling the trigger is charged with murder in Dillion walkers death, Joseph Mohr says the three friends made a road trip together Friday afternoon.

"We were going to Louisville to hang out with Dillon," Mohr says. "He was going to college in a couple of days and it was the last time I would get to hang out with him."

Mohr says they were at his mother's house on Routt Road in Louisville. He went to sleep while his friends went outside.

Police say Walker and the 17 year old were outside playing with the gun when it went off. Mohr says the teen woke him up saying Walker had been shot.

"I didn't believe it at first. I thought it was a joke to get me out of bed, and get me awake. But the more he started telling me, the more I started to believe it," Mohr said. "Finally, I get down there and see Dillon had taken a gunshot wound to the head. We tried to revive him and waited for the ambulance to get there."

Walker was taken to the hospital, where he died. He had just graduated from Western Hills High School last year.

"He was going into aviation. He wanted to be a pilot. I think he could do it. He could do anything he wanted to," Mohr said. "Dillon was a one of a kind person. This whole town's shook up. We're all taking it hard."

Dillon Walker had been working to help plan the Kentucky National Guard Memorial that's being built in Frankfort.

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