Friends and family say goodbye to R.J. Corman

Those who knew him say he'll be remembered for his hard work and generosity.

Monday, friends and family said goodbye to railroad company founder R.J. Corman.

Corman died Friday, after a long battle with cancer.

His funeral was held Monday at the company that he started decades ago.

Over the past few days, we've been telling you about all the ways that Mr. Corman has helped out several organizations across the Bluegrass.

Members of several organizations spoke today, saying how thankful they are of his support, but that he often did other things behind the scenes.

Corman would often donate space in his hangar and staff to put on galas and fundraisers for several organizations and a new mammography center at the nearby St. Joseph Hospital was created with his help.

We're told he was just as generous outside the public eye, to people he met here in Central Kentucky, who found themselves in need. They say we'll never truly know how much of an impact he made.

David Carlstedt is a member of the Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce. Carlstedt says, "There are some high profile ways that Mr. Corman made his presence known, but he also would walk down the streets with cash and hand out $100 bills to people when he heard they had immediate needs. He would tell his staff to pay people's electric bills and water bills when they were behind."