Friends of shooting victim say it caused mother's heart attack

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Tameka Laurie says she was just feet away when two of her neighbors were shot.

"Terrified, scared for my life, didn't know what was going to happen," she said.

She lives in an apartment home in the Winding Brooke apartment complex on Cambridge Road, which is where police say the shooting happened at 10 o’clock Friday night.

"I heard a lot of rumbling in the hallway and next thing you know in the next two seconds I heard a lot of gunshots," described Laurie.

A woman who was in the apartment when it happened didn’t want to be identified. She says three men stormed in and told them to hand over everything they had.

When that didn't happen, police say one of the suspects shot two men, one in the leg, the other in the chest.

The woman who saw it happen says the man who was shot in the chest is in critical condition at UK Hospital.

She says his mother is also in the hospital because she had a heart attack when she learned her son was seriously hurt.

We're told the man shot in the leg has been released from the hospital.

The woman who in the apartment during the shooting says the man in critical condition is in the hospital under an alias because they're worried the shooter may try to finish the job.

We're told the shooter jumped out of the window of the apartment to escape.

Saturday afternoon some yellow crime tape still marked off the building, but the tape wasn't the only reminder of what happened. Laurie says the memories of the tense night are hard to shake.

"This time it hit too close to me so I'm about to pack up and move."

She says she’s ready to move away from the apartment and hopefully the memories of the night when she says she came too close to a bullet.

"Didn't know if it was going to come through the wall or anything," said Laurie.

Police say they haven’t identified any suspects yet.

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