Friends of murder suspect react to arrest

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in Highland Heights say Shayna Hubers shot her boyfriend, 29-year-old Ryan Poston multiple times with a handgun inside his home Saturday night.

"Our prayers go out to her family," said one woman, who claimed Huber was a childhood friend. "And his family, too," added another friend.

The two women did not want to be identified, especially with so much happening to the 21-year-old Lexington woman now charged with murder.

"Somebody tweeted about it and we were just like "oh my gosh, we know her!" I don't know, I got goose bumps it was just weird," expressed one of the friends, still feeling the shock.

According to the Highland Heights Police Department, Hubers was found last night at the scene, and Poston was found dead inside.

"We're just shocked that it had to be one of our friends that we grew up with, and know. That's what we're left with know, that impression."

These friends say that's not the same girl they knew from Dunbar High School.

"I knew her. She was quiet, she was always smarter than we were, in AP classes. She's a sweet girl, didn't really talk a lot, but I never would've expected it coming from her, no."

Investigators say they have not discovered what the motive is but the one time U.K. student is being held on a $2-million bond for the crime.

"I can only imagine what her family is going through, it's just crazy," stated the friends.

WKYT reached out to the Hubers family, but they declined to comment.

Hubers is expected to appear in court, in Campbell County, on Thursday morning. Police say the case remains under investigation.

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