Friends still coping with loss after 'strange accident'

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - It's Wednesday night and for the people of Lighthouse Baptist Church only "Amazing Grace" can heal the hurt they're experiencing.

"It was a shock," started Dennis Schaub, "Brother Mike was killed on Catnip Hill this morning, and I couldn't believe it."

Mike, or Michael, Conley was on his way to work when investigators say a chunk of concrete shot through his windshield and hit Conley on the head. The coroner said the 63-year-old man died from the blunt force.

"It feels like a family loss," continued Schaub.

"Disbelief. It took a while to be able to comprehend what was taking place," answered Pastor Dan Barnes, of Lighthouse Baptist Church. "It was just such a strange accident that you couldn't think, you couldn't put what had taken place together."

"It's just such a tragic loss," described Linda Amerine, who attends the same church and is also Conley's neighbor.

"I had no idea I'd never see him again after last night. It's just such a shock and everybody's still just numb, right now."

That includes the Conley family, with whom she spent much of the day caring for.

"You don't understand why it happened. I mean it's just a freak accident," she said.

The loss is painful, but for this church, and its members like Schaub, there is peace knowing, "God was calling him home."

At this time, the arrangements are still pending.

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