Friends take opposite sides during campaign

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - They are best friends, yet one is the Republican student body President and the other heads up the Democrats.

Lucas Wetton and David Miller are very different politically, Wetton recently revived the Centre Republicans and David Miller leads the Democratic student body. Despite those differences the two are best friends and have actually been known to help the other in their organization.

"David and I are really good friends. We have always worked closely together. In fact I'll never forget as we re-organized he helped us get back on our feet," says Wetton

"I think if anything it will expand on the friendship because tomorrow the two of us will sit down and go over the things we did and be happy for each other," Miller says.

Neither knows whether they will be able to watch the debate inside Newlin Hall, but if they cannot they said they will be working with their respective campaign headquarters.

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