'Frozen Chosen' ignores freezing temps to go for a bike ride

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - When it feels like single digits outside, frozen yogurt may not be your first choice.

"You getting yogurt?" "No," answered Allen Kirkwood, because that would be crazy.

"It's really not that bad."

But Kirkwood isn't talking about the "fro-yo."

"If you can ride on the coldest night of the year, then you really have no excuse to get out and ride any other time of the year," he said of the Tuesday night bike ride.

They call themselves the "Frozen Chosen," but you might call them crazy.

"People always say we're crazy about riding our bikes in this weather," stated Hampton Fisher.

"Well I guess it all depends on who you ask! I don't think it's real crazy," added Kirkwood, "it's kind of fun."

"It creates a thing. It's a brotherhood," summarized Fisher.

The group finds the coldest night, gear up, and ride across Lexington.

"There really is no purpose, just to get out with your friends and ride on what might be the coldest night of the year," said Kirkland, "And kind of for bragging rights!"

"Just celebrating all the great weather we have here, in Lexington," answered Brad Flowers, although his definition of great may be slightly off.

"We thought, with such a great winter, we may as well get out twice," responded Flowers.

This ride is meant to be fun, but it has certain risks.

"You have to watch out for the ice," warned Fisher.

"It's kind of hard to figure out what to wear, where you don't get too hot or too cold," said Kirkland, who choose boots, a heavy coat, and ski goggles.

The group traveled roughly ten miles from Romany to West 6th, but instead of a cool down they'll end this ride with a warm up.

"It felt great," said Flowers after the ride, because that's what they choose to do when the weather isn't great.

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