Frozen meat stolen from Lexington church

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Central Christian Church in Lexington was burglarized over the weekend, thieves didn't take any money, they stole frozen meat.

The church runs a food bank, God's Pantry. Someone or a group of people broke a window in a church classroom, kicked in the door to the pantry, and stole several pounds of chicken from the church's freezer.

"Sunday morning, I came in to church to discover that the police were here," said Senior Minister R. Robert Cuemi.

The meat is all that was taken, Cuemi admits churches are targets for break-ins, and it's a shame every time it happens.

"In 40 years of ministry, I served four congregations. Each of them have been broken in to," said Cuemi.

The meat came from a federal food program. The church won't be able to replace what was taken until a new shipment comes in. There is still meat available to give out.

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