Fru-Gal says shop smart at new Shelby Co. outlet mall

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- A new outlet mall in Shelby County located off I-64 opens Thursday.

On top of gas money spent driving there your wallet could take a beating.
But, there are some things you can do to shop smart.

Going in with a strategy is a must for shoppers, according to the Fru-Gal, Debbie Morris.

"There will be great sales and you'll be like, 'How can I not get that they're practically giving it away,” said Morris.

But, they’re not.

Morris says most of us shouldn't expect to get in and out quickly when it comes to an outlet mall.

It's an all-day experience that she says should be shared with friends.

"Tell them your strategy of what you plan to do and then have everybody work together. I know there have been times someone will say 'Do you really need that?"

Know the individual store policy and keep in mind that a lot of times items are considered 'final sale' at outlet malls.

To really maximize your smart shopping experience, splurge on something you wouldn't normally buy for yourself.

"That certain dress you've seen and it was $300. At the outlet mall you might see that dress for $100."

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