Fund set up for Richmond firefighter who lost everything in house fire

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - He worked two jobs just so he could pay for his home, but a Richmond firefighter lost it all in only a matter of minutes because of a fire.

The fire tore through the home on McIntosh Drive in Madison County on Tuesday afternoon. The firefighter, Derek Hahn, and his family need help as they recover from this huge setback.

"It's hard to see it the way it is," said Richard Jimenez, Hahn's father.

There's not much left of Hahn's home, which is the first house he ever bought.

"He works for everything he's got," said Jimenez. "He works hard. He's a hard worker."

It's where he, his wife, and four-year-old son lived for about a year and a half until Tuesday.

"She [Hahn's wife] had just gone out to go to Meijer, and I'm glad she took the boy with her because if not he would have been right alongside with Derek," said Jimenez.

It's never what anyone expects to happen. Hahn's car sparked and caught fire while he was working on it. He had just finished paying off the vehicle last month. It then exploded, causing his home to also go up in flames.

Jimenez said that the fire caused the roof to collapse and melted the shingles because of the intense heat.

Working for the Richmond Fire Department for almost five years, Hahn has fought a lot of fires but never one this close to home.

"They literally have nothing. Whatever they were wearing yesterday is what they have left," said Jimenez. "They're making a lot of phone calls and he keeps saying, 'I hope I wake up. I hope it's just a bad dream.'"

However, it wasn't a nightmare and the unfortunate reality is that Hahn and his family need help getting back on their feet. Some have already began to help.

"A couple neighbors came by with clothes," said Jimenez. "They were really reaching out."

Starting from scratch, the Hahn family needs any help they can get. A fund has been set up in Derek Hahn's name, and you can donate at any Fifth Third Bank.

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