Fundraiser started for Franklin Co. teen injured in shooting

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The family of a teen shot Monday night is raising money to help pay for his medical bills and rehabilitation.

David Lacy's aunt says despite being shot six times the 14-year-old is recovering with his parents by his side.

"They have vowed not to leave the hospital until he comes home too," said Oshula Warner.

Warner says her sister and brother-in-law haven't left UK Hospital since Monday night, when David was shot

"He had three bullet wounds in one leg, two in another, and one in the stomach," she said.

The Franklin County Sheriff charged 55-year-old Samuel Isaacs with the shooting. The arrest came hours after the gunshots. Police say Isaacs threatened to shoot himself but was eventually taken in under a railroad bridge near the scene.

Warner says her family doesn't know Isaacs and wants to know why the shooting happened.

"He just started high school, he has his whole life ahead of him and he could have ruined that," she said.

Sheriff Pat Melton has said the shooting was connected to Isaacs' granddaughter and that Isaacs thought Lacy was older than he really is.

"He's a fourteen year old boy, and you look at him and he looks like a grown man, but he's a fourteen year old fun loving great child," Warner said.

The family has started a fund to help pay for Lacy's medical expenses. Donations are being accepted at any Farmers Bank location. The money will also go to other expenses.

"He's going to be behind in school so we're going to try to get him some tutoring to make sure he does get to keep up," she said.

Police charged Samuel Isaacs with assault, wanton endangerment, and resisting arrest.

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