Fundraiser supports injured Campbellsville firefighters

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - People in a central Kentucky town say support for two firefighters hurt in a charity event has been outstanding.

Captain Tony Grider and Alex Quinn were burned when their ice bucket challenge got too close to some power lines.

As the two receive care at a Louisville Hospital some have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the families.

The tragedy that seriously injured two firefighters happened nearly two weeks ago. In that time, people say they have seen a lot of acts of good will, the latest in the sale of a simple T-shirt or a sticker.

Ashely Wilcher says just as soon as the shirts are printed they're usually sold.

"We are shipping shirts to Colorado, Florida," Wilcher says.

The two firefighters have a reputation of helping others and now Wilcher says she wants to return the favor.

"Just really felt the need to do something to help them," Wilcher says. "These guys have always been out anytime we called and wanted help."

Wilcher is an EMT and frequently works the same calls at Captain Tony Grider..and Alex Quinn. She started selling shirts and decals since the day after the accident.

"It has been absolutely overwhelming. We have had difficulty keeping up with the orders," Wilchers says.

They've sold 500 shirts and 300 decals. Minus the cost to make both she says the families of Grider and Quinn will receive all the money.

"The biggest things these guys need right now is prayers. Prayers help more than anything. As far as what we are doing, the money will go to the families, to help with travel expenses and hotels," Wilcher says.

Both are still receiving care at a Louisville hospital, but I am told that both are receiving some improvement. The T-shirts are $10, the stickers are $5.

If you would like to help out and purchase a t-shirt or a decal, you can contact Ashley Wilcher at (859) 583-8778. Or you can email WIlcher at

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