Funeral for murdered Marine held in Campbellsville

Hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye to a Marine police say was murdered.

Lexington police say Jonathan Price, 26, and his wife, Megan, were both shot during a robbery last weekend outside Austin City Saloon.

Price was killed, his wife survived.

His funeral was held Wednesday afternoon in Campbellsville.

Phil Pendleton talked to the minister who officiated the couple's wedding last year and price's funeral.

Inside the Parrot and Ramsey Funeral home a message was said for the many gathered. Many still questioning why such a young man with a promising future was taken down in such a violent way.

"How could this possibly happen? Why could this happen? But like I said we are living in a world that has lot of evil," said Rev. Alvin Hardy.

Many would argue that evil was front and center early Saturday morning when Price was killed and his wife Megan injured in a shooting while leaving a Lexington nightspot.

"We have no ticket as Christians to get out of pain. We have no ticket to get out of suffering," said Hardy.

Hardy says he's been a part of Price's life since he was 4 years old. He baptized him and officiated his and Megan's wedding just 10 months ago. In less than a year the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

"Sadness that overpowers maybe the happiness of the wedding, to be honest," said Hardy.

But he said his message Wednesday was to show the healing that comes amid the hardship.

"As hard as it is, the scripture says God takes all things and works them for the good of those who love him," said Hardy.

A message specifically for the hurting today, but Hardy says it's something everyone should ponder.

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