Funeral held for West Virginia sheriff

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MINGO COUNTY, WV (WYMT) - It was a very emotional day as hundreds of officers from all across West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky came to pay their respects to Sheriff Eugene Crum and his family alongside hundreds more people from the community.

They came from all over to help remember a fellow man in uniform.

"It's a brotherhood out here. All these guys you see in uniform, the men and women, we're all out here trying to do the same job each day," said Sheriff Randall Ailiff of Wyoming County, WV.

Sunday was a day of mourning for everyone who knew Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum as people gathered to say their final goodbyes to the man they all call a fallen hero.

"My heart goes out for him and the family. I'm heartbroken. It could happen to any of us, and he was a very good sheriff. He was a good person," said Sheriff Garmon Preece of Martin County, KY.

Friends spoke of the good things he did for the community in the short time he spent as sheriff. They say he knew it was his calling.

"I just want to pay all my respects for this good man that served his county," said Preece.

They remembered the smile that never left his face and the love he had for his family and for the place he called home.

"It's no variance whether you're from Mingo County, Wyoming County, Raleigh County, wherever. We're all out here to do a job to protect the public," said Ailiff.

People lined the streets throughout Mingo County holding flags waiting to say to goodbye, and with their lights flashing a line of police cruisers miles long led their fallen hero to his final resting place.

Sheriff Crum was just 59 years old. He was married to his wife Rosie for 37 years. She was sworn in as the new Mingo County sheriff Thursday night, and many in Mingo County say they are looking forward to her carrying on the work her husband started.