Funeral today for murdered Pulaski Co. attorney

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - The name Mark Stanziano may immediately conjure up thoughts of courtrooms, cases or acquittals. Bethany Stanziano says he was also just as much a loving father, husband, brother and son.

“Mark’s life revolved around not just his legal profession but his family,” said the wife of the murdered defense attorney. She sat down with reporters before her husband’s funeral Tuesday.

Nearly 200 packed the chapel for his services at Southern Oaks Funeral Home with Kentucky’s retired public advocate calling Stanziano a “warrior for injustice.”

“His passion is what made him great. His love for his fellow man. Especially those who were less fortunate.”

Clinton David Inabnitt is charged with killing Mark Stanziano. Ironically, his wife says this is just the kind of case her husband would have represented.

Bethany Stanziano says she has hurt, but not anger in her heart. His daughter, Alex, said her Daddy would want him defended to the fullest and his rights protected.

“We are devastated and I’m sure his family is devastated. But Mark would not want anyone that he loved to remember him and associate the violence and the way he was taken from us,” she said.

She said Mark convinced many juries to set defendants free and kept others from death row.

“A fierce attorney who would fight for his clients to the end. He did that every time, every time he had a case,” Mrs. Stanziano said.

They say he was that kind of attorney to everyone regardless of their status in the community.

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