Furniture store destroyed in fire

Patrick McMahan says he did what he could to stop the fire that started in the furniture factory’s spray room.

“It felt like a gas line or something, like a ball of fire, that was shooting out, hot as it could be,” said McMahan.

But the flames were too much for his fire extinguisher….

And later even firefighters couldn’t save the more than 40 year old business.

“It’s my dad’s work, yeah,” said an emotional McMahan, looking over the ruins of what’s been a mainstay in Taylor County since 1965.

McMahan says Campbellsville Handmade Cherry Furntire has supplied just about anything made of wood to people and businesses all over Kentucky.

“A lot of people know about Campbellsville because of Campbellsville Furniture so it means a lot,” said McMahan.

Despite fire destroying the business, family members and friends worked together in salvaging two truckloads of cherry furniture and antiques.

But just how the the business will begin again….isn’t clear.

“I’m a 4th generation craftsman, we’ve been doing this for many years, concerned about picking up where we left off,” said McMahan.

The fire chief says he doesn’t know what started the fire.


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