Future of some Georgetown fire hydrants uncertain

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - A dispute between Kentucky American Water, land developers, and the city of Georgetown could leave some residents without fire hydrants.

Kentucky American Water maintains 38 hydrants in the Cherry Blossom, Cherry Hill Estates, Pleasant Valley, and Stone Brook subdivisions. The company has a contract with land developers in those areas. They say the developers haven't paid their bills, and the water company isn't getting paid for servicing the hydrants.

The city of Georgetown is asked to take control of the hydrants, if not they could be deactivated.

A current city ordinance says when developers complete 80% of their property, the city will take over the infrastructure responsibilities.

City leaders say assuming the responsibilities of the hydrant maintenance in the subdivisions, would require a change in city laws.

It would also lead to an increase in water bills, 99 cents a month. It would only apply to Kentucky American Water customers in the city.

The water company and city officials are committed to meeting and resolving this issue.

"We can't allow our citizens in the area that's served by these fire hydrants to be taken out," said Mayor Everette Varney.

About 200 homes would be impacted, if the hydrants are disabled.

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