Gas leak at Lexington elementary school

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington fire officials say it was a work zone mishap that led to students being evacuated to another part of the building at Meadowthorpe Elementary School.

This morning we learned from the general contracting firm handling the renovations and construction at the school that, while working on some plumbing, a gas line was accidentally cut.

Because of that leak, students and teachers on that end of the building were moved to another wing, but never had to be moved outside.
As a precaution, several Lexington Fire trucks responded, as well as equipment to help air the building out.

Columbia Gas showed up as well to help fix the line, and the air in the building was tested before an all clear was given.

Lexington Fire officials say they always take extra precaution when dealing with these potentially dangerous leaks.

"Any time you have a combustable gas like that, if the levels go too high, and it reaches an ignition source you can have an explosion. That's what we prevented here today," said Lexington Fire Maj. Mark Samuelson.

We're told there were no reports of illness.

The owner of the company heading up the construction and renovation of the school says these kinds of accidents do happen from time to time, and crews on site handled the situation properly.

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