Gatewood Galbraith image used to support hemp

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - It's a familiar face. One that ran for governor five times. Now it's popping up across Lexington.

"That's my man Gatewood over there. He just passed away last year, rest his soul." said Andrew Dekovitch, who was a longtime supporter of Gatewood Galbraith.

"He was like the last free man standing," Dekovitch said.

Decals showing Galbraith with some type of cigarette in his mouth and the word "hemp" written across it have been appearing on electric boxes and buildings near intersections. While hemp contains almost no THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, Galbraith was known to support both plants.

Regardless of how the people walking and driving by this smiling face feel, there is one person whose opinion matters a more. That's the person who owns the property where the image is plastered.

Lexington Police say unless the property owner wants the image displayed, the decals are considered acts of vandalism. They believe they know who the person responsible is, but so far they haven't had any criminal complaints.

The timing is around the recent introduction of Senate Bill 50, which would legalize industrial hemp in Kentucky.

Another bill aiming to legalize medical marijuana is named after Galbraith and has been sponsored, but so far hasn't made it out of committee.

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