Georgetown Police offer help to citizens during snow

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Georgetown Police are asking drivers to stay off the road Tuesday night. They're even offering people help in order to keep them off the roads.

Georgetown Police will pick people up and give them rides if they absolutely have to go somewhere. Circumstances include a critical doctor's appointment or to get a prescription they can't go without.

The chief tells us they've worked dozens of accidents. And if they can keep people off the road, it's worth it. So far, they've had a few people take them up on their offer.

"We're really worried about mostly our elderly population," says Georgetown Police Chief Michael Bosse. "We want to make sure that if you're not comfortable getting out in this kind of weather and you need supplies, like critical medications or dialysis appointments, that we get you there and get you those needed supplies."

Scott County Schools will be closed on Wednesday because of the wintry weather.

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