Georgetown Police plan extra patrols during snowy weather

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Scott County is bracing for another round of snow on Friday night. The area is under Winter Storm Warning.

Thursday's mild temperatures helped improve road conditions by melting away most of the previous snow and ice on the streets. The warmer temperatures also helped increase the temperature of the pavement, which makes it harder for snow to stick.

Georgetown Police say they will have extra officers patrolling the streets as the snow falls through the night.

"Everybody has date night and has things planned, so if they have to get out there on the road to make their commute as safe as possible," says Georgetown Police Captain Robert Swanigan. "Hopefully it won't get bad. For us, the greatest time is when Toyota gets out, the bypass and I-75 are heavily traveled with shift change, so those are the most accident prone times."

The road department tells us they think the snow will be wet, which will make it easier to plow.

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