Georgetown Tigers fans in celebration mode

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - There are many happy Georgetown College fans in Scott County Tuesday night as the Tigers won their first NAIA title in 15 years.

During the game, many Tiger fans gathered on campus and in restaurants around Georgetown to watch the game and cheer on the Tigers.

Several Georgetown College fans have been dedicated for years.

"I've been a fan my whole life, ever since I was a little kid," said Derrick Zumwalt, a Georgetown Tigers fan.

They're so dedicated that some know all the stats, names, and even the weight of each player!

"You got Deondre McWhorter from Louisville. And you have Allan Thomas from Queens, NY and Garel Craig from New Jersey," said Matt Makaveli, another Georgetown Tigers fan.

Even with the ups and downs of the Tigers over the years, like losing in '96 and 2000 in the NAIA national championship game, they've stayed true and not to Kentucky blue.

"Oh, I love it. That orange and black, you can't beat it!" said Makaveli.

It's a small town with big fans ready to feel the way they did back in 1998 when they brought home the championship title.

"They need to win it just to get their feeling back into and know what it feels like to win a championship," said Derrick Zumwalt.

This small college, their hometown team, is what gets these fans going.

"The campus is really buzzing, and people are fired up and really ready for it," said Daryl Zumwalt, another Georgetown Tigers fan.

We are told the Georgetown Tigers will return home sometime Wednesday afternoon.

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