Georgetown gas station raided for synthetic marijuana

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - The owner of the Valero gas station off Paris Pike near I-75 in Georgetown, is facing charges for what police say is trafficking in synthetic drugs. It's been a case several months in the making, and today, they raided his store.

"Any type of activity like that in Georgetown we're going to be on top of, we're going to try and get it off the street as quickly as we can," said Captain Robert Swanigan of the Georgetown Police Department.

Thursday afternoon, as the police tape went up, officers went in to the store looking for synthetic marijuana.

"It's called 'Scooby-Snax' and there are some different ones in there," described Captain Swanigan, who cautions that despite the innocent name the substance can have very dangerous, even deadly, effects.

Police say the case started roughly two-and-a-half months ago when they received multiple complaints about this gas station selling more than just gas.

"It's strictly a kind-of backroom stuff. You have to ask for it, he'll go back to the back and get a package or whatever you ordered, and bring it back out to you and exchange it for currency," answered Captain Swanigan.

Police say they started their own investigation sending undercover witnesses in on four different occasions to buy the banned substance. Three of those attempts came on consecutive days in March. The last attempt was on Wednesday, April 24th.

Each time police say the owner, Yousef Ahmad, was responsible for the sale, and each time police say they walked out with multiple packets. Police say they even have audio and video of some of the undercover sales.

"For us this is the second case that we've had involving a retail business in town, so it speaks volumes as to how easy it is for our youth to acquire it. So, we're very happy that we were able to make the case and to get the arrest today. The synthetic drugs like that are very dangerous," said Captain Swanigan.

Police are now charging Ahmad with four counts of trafficking in synthetic drugs, but they say as the case unfolds more charges may likely be added. From here investigators hope to find a paper trail of some kind that may lead them to the distributor of the drug.

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