Georgetown police trace stray bullet to neighboring home

Georgetown Police were called to a home on George Martin Avenue after a woman discovered a bullet hole in her bathroom.

"It had passed through her bathroom, crossed her bathtub and lodged into the wall," said Detective James Cole.

Detectives began trying to determine where the shot originated. They used a hands on technique to follow that bullet's path. They inserted a trajectory rod into the hole in the wall and connected it to where the bullet was lodged. Using the angle of the rod they connected yarn to where the bullet had entered the home and followed it out.

The thread led to a home on Scroggins Park Drive. Police say the woman who lives there, 50-year-old Kitty Lane, told them she had been testing some ammunition and had fired some shots into the ground. But a tree behind that home had fresh bullet holes in it. Police think one of those shots missed the tree and ended up in that home.

"You obviously do not want to fire a weapon, especially in a place like Scroggins Park where there are several children and several families in a very close vicinity," Cole said.

Lane was arrested and charged with first degree wanton endangerment and a charge of carrying a concealed deadly weapon. Police say she had the gun in a purse when they questioned her and didn't have a concealed carry license.

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