Georgetown police working fifth robbery in two weeks

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - "At this point we're going to reach out to our citizens with this new, updated video and some still pictures and hope that somebody might recognize something," said Captain Robert Swanigan with Georgetown Police.

Georgetown Police were able to get on scene within seconds of getting the call Monday night that a robbery had just happened at the Quick Stop at Broadway and Pocahontas Trail.
The owner showed us surveillance video from inside, where you see the thief run in and around the counter, and help himself to the cash drawer.

"It really hurts. A business, as a small business owner, every penny counts. Besides losing the money he's taken from the register, I'm losing business because I'm closing my business while all this happens," said Quick Stop owner Faris Damra.

Trying to trap the robber inside, or at the very least slow him down, the clerk attempted to lock all possible exits while the intruder is preoccupied.
But he still managed to get out the front door, the owner says, with around $170 and some cigarettes.

The Quick Stop was also robbed about a week ago, where the thief got away with hundreds of dollars in that attempt.

"Responded to the area, set up a perimeter, gone. He either had a vehicle close by, or just got out of our perimeter. Obviously very frustrating for us, we'd love to catch this guy. But no luck last night," Swanigan added.

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