Kentucky teen battling cancer gives out Easter baskets

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Jordyn Conner knows what it's like to spend holidays in a hospital. But Easter is a special holiday to this 19-year-old.

"You know at Christmas, if kids are in the hospital, a lot of the family goes to those kids," says Tim Turner, a family friend. "But Easter seems to be a holiday where there's not as many family members there."

Turner is a member of Victory Life Church in Georgetown. He baptized Jordyn and knows what kind of struggle she's been through over the past three years.

"That's what touches me about her so much," Turner says. "She's gone through all these trials, but she's still thinking of others."

Jordyn has been fighting bone cancer since she was 16. She's now at Kentucky Children's Hospital where, Saturday, she's fulfilling one wish: to give 100 Easter baskets out to other kids at the hospital.

"The baskets are full of things that kids can do while in the hospital," says Kimberly Fonner, Jordyn's mother. "It's just her dream and today it's come true. I think we're very proud of her. Jordyn is my gem."

'Jordyn's Jems' has been in the works for months. Detailed plans put together by Jordyn before her condition became debilitating. Her one hope by doing all of this is simply to inspire others.

"She's very, very strong and I think that her strength and her courage could really encourage a lot of other kids to never, ever give up," Fonner says.

Members of Victory Life Church say additional Easter baskets will also be taken to other hospitals in the Georgetown area.

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