Georgetown police say don't leave "gnome alone"

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Georgetown Police say the little guys are causing big problems. They say they've taken a number of reports about garden gnome thefts and now they just want to get the gnomes they've found back home.

It's a surprising crime and now, Georgetown Police officers have the 'concrete evidence' they need to bring about charges.

"There are three gnome suspects," Lt. Robert Swanigan of the Georgetown Police Department said laughingly.

In the last several weeks, police have been playing "Sherlock Gnomes," trying to return stolen garden ornaments to people like Berta Hammon.

"This was his home right here," the long time Georgetown resident explained, while pointing at the base of a large tree in her front yard. "This was his niche. He stayed here 4-and-a-half years. Two little girls snatched him and we watched from the window."

Make 'gnome' mistake, Hammon is glad to have "Danny Boy" back since he was a mother's Day present from her son. But, she still has two others missing.

"One has a shovel and one has a rake, " she explained. "I Love gnomes. And I think they look very pretty in people's gardens. It's a shame we can't put our gnomes outside."

Police are still looking for Hammon's stolen gnomes as well as two 85-pound gnomes dressed in UK outfits. As far as those cases are concerned they say have "little gnome facts."

They're also hoping to return the gnomes they've found to their owners.

"We'd be happy to return these. We're having to keep 'em separate; they're not really getting along. We'd like to give them back," joked Swanigan.

Investigators say the three teenage girls responsible will not be charged with kidnapping because that would be a 'mis-gnomer;' instead, they'll be charged with theft.

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