Georgia under state of emergency as storm looms

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ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal says the state is exercising extreme caution as it prepares for a one-two punch of winter weather.

Deal said Monday he is not looking back at the state's widely criticized response to the winter storm two weeks ago. He says he needs to look ahead because the next three days will be challenging for parts of the state and the city of Atlanta.

Deal issued a state of emergency for north Georgia counties hours ahead of the storm, something he didn't do during the Jan. 28. storm. The governor says he is worried about the threat of ice.

Two inches of snow paralyzed the Atlanta metro area two weeks ago. Drivers spent the night in cars, students slept in school buses and thousands of cars were abandoned along highways. Officials reported one accident-related death.

Some Georgia residents aren't ready to believe that the state will be more prepared this time. One woman who bought a shovel and a large bag of sand at a Home Depot today said she's "not counting on it."

Even before the first flakes fell, people around Atlanta were making plans to work from home today and stay off the roads.

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