Girl shot in Harrodsburg church parking lot

HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Harrodsburg Police say they don't see much violence.

"It's a little unusual, especially gun violence. Very little gun violence," said Sergeant Brian Allen of the Harrodsburg Police Department.

Early Tuesday morning, they say they found it in an unlikely place.

"Especially in the church parking lot. I mean you would assume that would be a fairly safe place to sit and park. Not a terrible neighborhood. It was surprising that it happened there," Allen said.

Police say three people, all of them under 18, were sitting in a car in the parking lot of Magnolia Street Christian Church around 12:40 Tuesday morning. As they began to pull out, they say someone fire a shot at the car.

"Bullet went through the left rear taillight of the vehicle, traveled through the trunk of the vehicle, through the backseat," Allen said.

He said the bullet shattered and a fragment hit 11-year-old girl in the arm.

The church is only about a half mile from Haggin Memorial hospital. Police say the people in the car drove themselves there.

"Thirty seconds. There's, I think, two turns. One street over and one street back," Allen said.

Emergency workers took the girl on to UK Hospital, where she was treated and released. Now, investigators are trying to figure out where that bullet came from.

"No one saw any weapons in the area. No one saw anyone else in the area. No one walking, no other vehicles in the area," Allen said.

Police say they're still interviewing people and have come up with some leads

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