Girlfriend of Shane Ragland asks to drop EPO

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The last we saw of Shane Ragland he was walking into court, still answering for the crime of killing Trent DiGuiro, a UK football player murdered in a 1994 sniper-style shooting.

Then Thursday morning Ragland was seen wheeling into a Louisville courtroom to appear in response to an Emergency Protective Order his live-in girlfriend filed against him in December.

"He's in a wheelchair due to an accident he had in February, of this year (2013). You agreed to let him live with you, as his girlfriend, so he would not have to go to a nursing home," summarized Judge Joan Byer, as she began the hearing.

The judge continued to read parts of the sworn affidavit that Ragland's girlfriend filed.

"On Dec. 13th, you told him you were no longer going to be his girlfriend and he needed to find someone to take care of him," the Judge stated, before reading a quote from the victim, "'He became angry and chased me into the bathroom and I got into the bathtub, so he couldn't get to me.'"

Later in the EPO, the victim reported, "He is constantly trying to run me over with the 3,000-pound electric wheelchair. He threatens to kill me and says he will eventually kill me."

Ragland's history is lengthy when it comes to courtroom proceedings. He was originally convicted of DiGuiro's murder in 2002, and given 30 years in prison. A few years after, the Kentucky Supreme Court overturned it. He instead struck a deal for manslaughter charges and served fewer than four years. Since his release, he's had multiple DUI charges in Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

All of that lead up till Thursday's proceeding, where the female victim declared her love for Ragland and wished to revoke the EPO.

"I also love Shane, and it has been a very difficult transition for Shane to be in a wheelchair," said Ragland's girlfriend.

The Judge was cautious to allow Ragland's girlfriend to revoke the EPO. Instead, she ordered that the victim meet three conditions before the revocation would be considered. It's said that she must have a complete report conducted by Child Protective Services to ensure her children are not in any harm. The victim must also complete a program at the Center for Women and Children, and she must seek legal council to review all of her court options.

Ragland did not speak in court on Thursday. Another hearing is scheduled for February 24th, and until then the "no contact" protection order remains in effect.

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