Global media sets sights on Danville

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Danville is crawling with people from all over the world. Many of them are members of the international media here to cover the debate.

You may wonder why other countries would find a vice presidential debate interesting. WKYT's Bill Bryant talked to some members of the media to find out.

There are working videographers, reporters and technicians here from more than 40 countries.The images they are beaming back from America later today will of course be of this evening's expected tough debate.

Today it's the pristine images of this beautiful Kentucky town and the pristine Centre College campus. As anticipation builds, some want our perspective.

This afternoon, WKYT's Bill Bryant spoke on a New Zealand news talk radio station. The radio station's listeners are fascinated by the American race.

"The race has tightened in the U.S. and polls show it a virtual tie after Romney's strong showing last week and President Obama's weaker performance, even his supporters concede that," said CBS News correspondent Rand Pinkston.

CBS News correspondent Rand Pinkston has covered stories all over the globe for decades. He understands why other countries carefully watch U.S. politics, since what happens here affects the world economy and global stability.

"The world is watching. And lest we forget there are a number of crises right outside our door that the person holding the Presidency next year will have to deal with," Pinkston says. "There are plenty of reasons for watching what happens here."

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